Gaetzs Challenge to McCarthy Draws Attention to His Ethics Issues

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 10/3/23 at 12:07pm

The speaker has argued that Representative Matt Gaetz is trying to oust him as payback for an Ethics Committee inquiry the Florida represent...

Justice Department Detains Thousands of Immigrants as Witnesses

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 10/3/23 at 12:06pm

The Justice Department has invoked a 200-year-old law to detain thousands of undocumented immigrants as witnesses in smuggling cases Judges ...

As Trumps Legal Woes Have Escalated So Have His Violent Remarks

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 10/3/23 at 11:55am

Recent incendiary statements by the former president including that shoplifters should be shot come at a time when his supporters are alread...

Arc browsers new AI-powered features combine OpenAI and Anthropics models

TechCrunch [Feed] on 10/3/23 at 11:51am

The Arc browser is finally launching its AI-powered features under the Arc Max moniker The Browser Company is using a combination of OpenAIs...

Promovas new feature helps people with dyslexia learn a new language

TechCrunch [Feed] on 10/3/23 at 11:50am

Promova the language learning app with over 11 million users today launched Dyslexia Mode which uses a specialized typeface called Dysfont s...

McCarthys journey to the speakership foreshadowed a fractious House

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 10/3/23 at 11:48am

Gmail to enforce harsher rules in 2024 to keep spam from users inboxes

TechCrunch [Feed] on 10/3/23 at 11:17am

Google today is announcing a series of significant changes to how it handles email from bulk senders in an effort to cut down on spam and ot...

Dont sweat the valuation headlines ByteDance is doing great

TechCrunch [Feed] on 10/3/23 at 11:09am

Does TikTok owner ByteDance's valuation cut mean that it is a struggling business Not in the slightest

Greylock secures $1B for its 17th fund amid launch of early-stage founders program

TechCrunch [Feed] on 10/3/23 at 11:01am

Greylock 17 will target pre-seed seed and Series A founders in the areas of enterprise and consumer software

PlanetScale forks MySQL to add vector support

TechCrunch [Feed] on 10/3/23 at 11:00am

It seems like everyone in the database business is thinking about how to capitalize on the growth of AI by adding support for vectors to the...

The EU is about to adopt a dangerous law with international consequences

TechCrunch [Feed] on 10/3/23 at 11:00am

Media freedom must be able to operate outside the confines of political interference to give users more information not less

Osmoses gets $11M seed to bring its molecule-scale membranes to the hydrogen market

TechCrunch [Feed] on 10/3/23 at 11:00am

Today membrane gas separation represents a relatively small part of the market But with calls to decarbonize heavy industry that could chang...

Where Was Mayor Eric Adams During New York City Flooding

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 10/3/23 at 10:59am

With residents unprepared for New York Citys recent flooding it was a day of unnecessary chaos and frustration

SBFs trial has started this is how he and FTX got here

TechCrunch [Feed] on 10/3/23 at 10:45am

Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried's trial begins Tuesday Here's what you need to know

How to Start Reversing Insulin Resistance

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 10/3/23 at 10:19am

Insulin resistance can lead to a host of health problems but its also reversible if you act Heres how

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