Pre-Wedding Ceremony for an Indian Billionaires Son Draws Big-Name Guests

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 3/2/24 at 10:03am

A three-day pre-wedding ceremony for the son of one of Indias richest men raises the bar for extravagant festivity

Taiko raises $37M to build web3 infrastructure for a censorship-free internet

TechCrunch [Feed] on 3/2/24 at 10:00am

Amid the speculation and volatility in the casino-like crypto land there remains a subset of individuals who espouse blockchains potential t...

Freight Train Derails Along Lehigh River

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 3/2/24 at 9:44am

Photos on social media showed two locomotives and several container cars derailed No injuries or leaks were reported officials said

The Leader of Todays Republican Party

The Atlantic [Feed] on 3/2/24 at 9:36am

McConnell was the final backstop against the complete Trumpification of the Senate

Apple abandons its car Here are other projects the company has killed

TechCrunch [Feed] on 3/2/24 at 9:30am

Apple has scrapped plans to enter the automotive industry with its mysterious autonomous electric car instead shifting focus to the wildly p...

The Joyful Ache of Julio Torress Problemista

The Atlantic [Feed] on 3/2/24 at 9:19am

The existential comedy lovingly skewers the absurdities of chasing the American Dream

Nubank CEO dishes on the neobanks profit surge and how tourist VCs in LatAm have gone home

TechCrunch [Feed] on 3/2/24 at 9:05am

Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts Hello and welcome back to Equity the podcast about the business of startups where we unpack ...

Closing This Gap May Be Bidens Key to a Second Term

The Atlantic [Feed] on 3/2/24 at 8:34am

The president still has time to improve his standing on the economy but that time isnt unlimited

Karine Perset helps governments understand AI

TechCrunch [Feed] on 3/2/24 at 8:00am

TechCrunch has launched a series of interviews focusing on remarkable women whove contributed to the AI revolution 2024 TechCrunch All ri...

Connect with HomeHQai SOSV Prepare 4 VC Latham amp Watkins and more at TC Early Stage 2024

TechCrunch [Feed] on 3/2/24 at 7:00am

We are thrilled to collaborate with some of the most influential players in the startup ecosystem to craft an exceptional experience at TC E...

Can Anyone Learn to Sing

The Atlantic [Feed] on 3/2/24 at 7:00am

How the singing voice actually works and what humans can create when we sing together


New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 3/2/24 at 6:30am

Can he find his family a safe place to stay in Gaza

What Luxury Beliefs Reveal About the Ruling Class

The Atlantic [Feed] on 3/2/24 at 6:10am

An orphans unlikely journey from foster care to Yale and its lessons for the upper crust

My Joe Biden Fantasy

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 3/2/24 at 6:00am

Only in DC do you dream about the State of the Union

The Radio Squirrels of Point Reyes

The Atlantic [Feed] on 3/2/24 at 6:00am

Scenes from the last operational Morse-code radio station in North America

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