Tumblr tests Communities semi-private groups with their own moderators and feeds

TechCrunch [Feed] on 12/7/23 at 12:58pm

After scaling back operations and reassigning staff to other projects Tumblr owner Automattics CEO Matt Mullenweg said that the company woul...

Everything you know about the podcast industry is a lie

TechCrunch [Feed] on 12/7/23 at 12:23pm

It seems like the writing is on the soundproofed wall The podcast boom is over and this weeks news is evidence Spotify laid off 17 of the co...

Credit scoring firms face curbs after landmark EU data protection ruling

TechCrunch [Feed] on 12/7/23 at 12:13pm

Credit scoring companies operating in the European Union could be facing tighter curbs under the blocs privacy laws following a ruling issue...

2023 in Photos Wrapping Up the Year

The Atlantic [Feed] on 12/7/23 at 12:06pm

Its time to revisit some of the most memorable events and images of 2023 including an annular solar eclipse over North America Israels war a...

US indicts alleged Russian hackers for years-long cyber espionage campaign against Western countries

TechCrunch [Feed] on 12/7/23 at 12:03pm

US authorities have indicted two hackers linked to Russias Federal Security Service (FSB) for allegedly carrying out a years-long cyber espi...

Nikki Haleys South Carolina Strategy Has a Donald Trump Problem

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 12/7/23 at 12:01pm

Ms Haley the former governor of South Carolina has won tough races in her home state But as she vies for the 2024 Republican nomination her ...

The Trump Prosecutions Are Cause to Celebrate the Rule of Law

The Atlantic [Feed] on 12/7/23 at 12:01pm

Compared with the mire of uncertainty in which the nation has wallowed for the past several years the present moment is a much brighter one

Particle Physicists Offer a Road Map For the Next Decade

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 12/7/23 at 12:00pm

A muon shot aims to study the basic forces of the cosmos But meager federal budgets could limit its ambitions

Should Biden Really Run Again He Prolongs an Awkward Conversation

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 12/7/23 at 11:54am

The president and his team have waved away Democrats worries about his bid for another term But this week he has drawn new attention to the ...

Amazon will no longer accept Venmo as a payment option starting next month

TechCrunch [Feed] on 12/7/23 at 11:47am

Amazon is dropping Venmo as a payment option next month the PayPal owned mobile payment service announced on its website The official announ...

Seattle biotech hub pursues DNA typewriter tech with $75M from tech billionaires

TechCrunch [Feed] on 12/7/23 at 11:45am

A new Seattle biotech organization will be funded to the tune of $75 million to research DNA typewriters self-monitoring cells that could up...

Greece and Turkey Long at Odds Vow to Work Together Peacefully

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 12/7/23 at 11:36am

The two rivals have been at the brink of military conflict several times in recent decades An agreement signed by the countries leaders on T...

WhatsApp adds support for disappearing voice messages

TechCrunch [Feed] on 12/7/23 at 11:33am

While todays bigger news from the world of Metas messaging apps was the rollout of end-to-end encryption in Messenger the company is also br...

Coinbase and Robinhoods break belies good news for a host of fintech startups

TechCrunch [Feed] on 12/7/23 at 11:32am

A number of fintech startups similar to Coinbase and Robinhood could benefit from the renewed optimism around the two companies 2023 TechCr...

Texas Judge Grants Womans Request for Abortion

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 12/7/23 at 11:29am

A state court judge said a woman whose fetus was diagnosed with a fatal condition could legally obtain an abortion despite the states bans

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