Israels Strike on Iran A Limited Attack but a Potentially Big Signal

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 4/19/24 at 6:22pm

Israel hit a strategic city with carefully measured force but made the point that it could strike at a center of Irans nuclear program

Final Jurors for Trump Hush Money Trial Selected as Case Races On

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 4/19/24 at 5:47pm

Just after the last selections of alternate jurors were made a man set himself on fire outside the courthouse horrifying onlookers But the c...

Day 4 of Trumps Criminal Hush-Money Trial Key Takeaways

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 4/19/24 at 5:37pm

A full jury is seated a horrifying incident shocks the court and opening statements are set to begin on Monday

Inside the Courtroom Trump Is Trapped With His Past

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 4/19/24 at 5:35pm

He was forced to listen to much of the damage he has caused

The Paradoxes of Modern Dating

The Atlantic [Feed] on 4/19/24 at 5:19pm

A conversation with Faith Hill about daters competing desires for structure and serendipity

RFK Jr Raises New Uncertainty for Biden in Michigan

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 4/19/24 at 5:02pm

Mr Kennedys success in landing on the battleground states ballot guarantees that he will shape the race this November Both parties are racin...

Liberal Democrats Urge No Vote on Israel Aid to Pressure Biden on Gaza

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 4/19/24 at 5:00pm

Progressives in the House who oppose unfettered military aid to Israel are pressing their colleagues to vote against the $26 billion bill wh...

CesiumAstro claims former exec spilled trade secrets to upstart competitor AnySignal

TechCrunch [Feed] on 4/19/24 at 4:57pm

CesiumAstro alleges in a newly filed lawsuit that a former executive disclosed trade secrets and confidential information about sensitive te...

Your Android phone could have stalkerware heres how to remove it

TechCrunch [Feed] on 4/19/24 at 4:15pm

This simple guide helps you identify and remove common consumer-grade spyware apps from your Android phone 2024 TechCrunch All rights reser...

Too many models

TechCrunch [Feed] on 4/19/24 at 4:13pm

How many AI models is too many It depends on how you look at it but 10 a week is probably a bit much Thats how many we had in the last few d...

Arrests of Europeans for Aiding Russia Raise Fears of Kremlins Reach

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 4/19/24 at 3:22pm

A string of arrests including two Poles accused of attacking a Navalny aide and a third for ties to a possible plot against Ukraines preside...

Inflation Interest Rates and Oil Prices Have Jolted the Markets

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 4/19/24 at 3:21pm

Euphoria has been replaced by a much more somber mood changing the value calculations in a host of markets our columnist says

Harvards startup whisperer Peter Gladstone reveals secrets to validating consumer demand at TechCrunch Early Stage

TechCrunch [Feed] on 4/19/24 at 3:18pm

Validating consumer demand is a crucial step for any startup and TechCrunch Early Stage is offering a golden opportunity to learn how to do ...

At G7 Meeting in Capri Blinken Tackles Rough Seas and Global Crises

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 4/19/24 at 3:03pm

Secretary of State Antony J Blinken and his counterparts who met on the Italian island of Capri welcomed signs that tensions between Iran an...

Daniel C Dennett Widely Read and Fiercely Debated Philosopher Dies at 82

New York Times - Homepage [Feed] on 4/19/24 at 2:49pm

Espousing his ideas in best sellers he insisted that religion was an illusion free will was a fantasy and evolution could only be explained ...

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